Want To Grow Your Own Plants?

We have you covered

Who Can Buy Plants

Medical Patients

Are you a medical patient and looking for 4 plants? No need to look any further! Please register with us a medical patient under our medical page and contact us about ordering plants.

ACMPR License Holders

Are you registered under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes regulations? If yes and you hold a valid ACMPR license to grow your own plants at home, we can help you fill your plant needs. Register with us and we can help meet your needs.

Licensed Producers

Are you a licensed producer under the cannabis act? We sell rooted clones and plants to other fellow licensed producers and micro cultivators who might not have space to keep a mother room.

What to Expect

1809 Underground offers healthy and vigorous genetics in two options: Rooted Clones and Teen Plants. Rooted clones are healthy and hardened off before shipping. Teen Plants are cloned, rooted, hardened off and grow for an additional 3 weeks in a 2 gallon pot. Teen plants are generally 12-18 inches tall, with a strong root system established. Whether you buy a rooted clone or a teen plant, 1809 guarantees a strong, healthy and pest free plant. To make an inquiry about buying clones or plants, please write us an email and select “plants” on the contact us page

Available Clones