1809 Underground stems from the humble beginnings of an agricultural based community in the heart of the Niagara region. 1809 Underground is located in the village of Effingham, which lies on the Niagara escarpment among rolling hills on the edge of Shorts Hills provincial park. This land was settled in 1809 to create a small farming community among rolling hills and flowing streams. Our company name pays homage to those early days and the hard work put in over generations of families working this land. 1809 Underground stands for going back to the roots of those families which is the foundation of our community, just as the roots are the foundation of the plants we grow, each and every day. Those roots lay underground in the soil we work, play and live on.

We are a privately owned and operated producer focused on the highest possible quality products. This team started small in 2014 as one of the first licensed producers in Canada and grew to be one of the largest in the medical and recreational markets. We have now gone back to our roots to focus on small batch, craft cannabis.