Welcome to the farm.

1809 Underground is focused on making the highest quality products in the dry flower and pre roll category. With a rigorous genetics program we aim to have the newest and best genetics in the market. We are also using a Cryo Cure process in which we freeze dry all our flower to ensure that the beauty of the flower is captured in each and every product we deliver. With this process we want to not only focus on the THC levels that is driving today’s market, but also focus on the terpenes levels in the plant to enhance the flavor and aroma of our strains as they work in synergy with cannabinoids to create the desired psychoactive affect.

All our products are hand selected, grown with extreme care, cryo-cured, hand trimmed, and hand packaged. From growing it on our farm in our indoor facility, to the time it is delivered to you, we at 1809 have you covered from Seed to Smoke.