Register with 1809 Underground Medical

Products Drop JUNE 1 2024

We’ve streamlined our registration process to make it as quick and seamless as possible. You can register online, by mail, or fax.
Please note that you’ll need to submit the Medical Document outlining your prescription, provided by a physician, in order to finalize your registration.

Register as a Patient

To become a patient, register online or send us your completed registration form by mail or fax, and submit your Medical Document.

Mailing Address

Fax : +1 (249) 201-8701

How to get Started

  1.  Get a prescription from a medical provider. It can be a family doctor, a provider at a clinic or a nurse practitioner.
  2. Create an account with us. The form is fillable on line.  Please remember to electronically sign your form.  Select register now and submit the completed form.

It’s as simple as that.  Once we receive the
required documentation you will be notified once you have been registered.  The best way to quickly receive this
notification is to ensure you have an email address we can communicate
with.  The notification will provide
information regarding your account as well as how to order on line.  If you are not a fan of on line ordering you
can all us and we will be happy to place the order for you.

VAC Patients

We are here to support our Canadian veterans.  We will help you with your application process.  When registering with us just provide your K number on the application form.  Your provider submits the medical document and we will do the rest to get you approved.

Veterans are covered through Blue Cross for up to 3 grams per day or equivalent of 3 grams per day in other forms of cannabis and up to 8.50 per gram.  Shipping is covered by blue cross as well so you can quickly receive your products by selecting the same day delivery.

We bill Blue Cross directly so once you are approved there are not out of pocket expenses.